Kathy’s Green Grape Dessert—Elegant and Refreshing

Jerri learned how to make this wonderful dessert when she was teaching at Maine South High School in Park Ridge, Illinois, the school that Hillary Clinton graduated from the year before Jerri joined the faculty. Her friend Kathy, who also taught English at the school, brought a bowl of this dessert to school one day, and Jerri has been hooked on it ever since. I love it too.

If you are like Jerri’s cousin Sherril, who claims that she never uses a recipe with more than four ingredients, this is the dessert for you. Three ingredients. So simple a toddler could make it, though you might want to oversee the knife work.


Green grapes
Sour cream
Brown sugar


Wash enough grapes to fill parfait glasses or dessert bowls for the number of servings you need plus a few extra for tasting. Cut the grapes in half and put them in a mixing bowl.

Add just enough sour cream to coat the grapes. Then spoon in about one-fourth as much sugar as cream and mix everything gently. Taste and adjust the amounts of sour cream and sugar until you have the right balance. This may take several spoonfuls of grapes, thus the need to start with more than you plan on serving.

Fill parfait glasses or dessert bowls and sprinkle a TINY amount of brown sugar on each. Chill before serving.

NOTES: For four servings, Jerri uses about two cups of grapes plus a few more and starts with two tablespoons of sour cream and a scant tablespoon of brown sugar.

You can use either light or dark brown sugar.

One thought on “Kathy’s Green Grape Dessert—Elegant and Refreshing”

  1. If you had photos, I bet this recipe would end up being pinned on Pinterest, and bring your blog a lot of visitors. This dessert is so refreshing, and looks really cute too. I should serve it at a tea party sometime.


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