Wayne and Sondra’s Salmon


Our friends Wayne and Sondra love to play bridge, and we have had some great times at the cabin with them.  Wayne likes to hunt and fish.  One time when he was at the cabin for the opening weekend of deer season, he brought along an electric skillet and all the ingredients to cook Friday dinner.


Wayne’s fishing partner cooks salmon this way, but Wayne says that it was Sondra who got the recipe.   He just likes to eat it.  I believe him, because he had a note from Sondra with detailed instructions.  And they worked! Five of us ate 3 pounds of salmon.




2 – 4 lbs. fresh salmon fillets
1 stick butter or margarine
Approximately 2 cups Italian style or vinaigrette dressing
1/2 fresh lemon
Salt and pepper to taste




If necessary remove the skin from fillets, rins and cut the meat into serving size portions.  Melt the butter or margarine in a frying pan under low to moderate heat.
Put the salmon in the pan. and pour some Italian style salad dressing or vinaigrette on the salmon to nearly cover fillets.  Squeeze the juice from half a lemon over the fish.


Bring to a boil., reduce the heat and simmer for about 12 minutes.  Turn the fish at least once to ensure even flavor and cooking.  The fish should flake when done.  Remove it from the pan while still hot and put it on a serving plate.


Salmon cooked this way is excellent with Uncle Ben’s wild rice or couscous, crusty bread and a salad.


Sondra says there’s no need to add salt or pepper, though guests may do so if they want at the table.

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