Oven-barbecued Country Ribs

Sometime in the late 1950’s our family acquired its first charcoal grill. Before then we had cooked over open fires, mostly on the shores of lakes near Hayward. The meat was skin-on wieners from one of the local butcher shops or grocery stores and dessert was marshmallows toasted over the coals. Cooking utensils were a … Continue reading “Oven-barbecued Country Ribs”

Mom’s Split Pea Soup and Winter Memories

I remember that it was a Friday night. It was snowing hard and after eight o’clock and Dad was not home yet. Mom was worried. Heavy snow and blowing wind had been forecast on WCCO that morning, so she had given Dad a list of groceries to bring home. Our family usually went shopping in … Continue reading “Mom’s Split Pea Soup and Winter Memories”